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Organization: Kwali
Monetary compensation: USD$2.5K - 4K /month

Why this opportunity exists
Deep Learning is transforming modern computing. In the words of Andew NG, Stanford professor, and Coursera founder, "Artificial intelligence is the new electricity."
We are in a unique moment, where disruptive technology has just been born and there is the challenge of transforming the industry with it. Although many companies try to integrate Deep Learning within their business, only a few of them are capable of generating real value that fulfills the promise of disruption. Creating products based on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence is a complex challenge, which requires not only expert knowledge in AI, but also a perfect match between business problems, data availability ("good data" and not big data), and capabilities to build a product (software engineering and MLops).
Kwali is one of the most promising companies to offer a Deep Learning-based product designed for traditional industries. Today's franchise market - which you know well through brands like McDonald's, Papa John's, Starbucks, etc. - is more current than ever with the pandemic. These companies increasingly become technology companies (as Domino's claims for example) and dedicate enormous efforts to be able to maintain their promise of quality in the thousands of stores they operate.
Kwali, through its intelligent cameras and Deep Learning algorithms, assures these brands the ability to ensure that each product that comes out of their ovens is of the best possible quality.
To rise to this challenge, we have a first-rate team of mathematicians and computer scientists (many of them trained in the best universities in Europe). Our software-as-a-service platform is already up and running in 100 stores in the United States. What we are currently looking for is a DevOps that helps us scale this platform to thousands of stores, being responsible for both our smart cameras and our infrastructure on AWS. We invite you to be part of this adventure and improve each food order thanks to state-of-the-art artificial intelligence!

Update and operational continuity of the network of edge devices (camera and GPU module) installed in the United States and abroad.
Management and scaling of AWS servers.
Putting applications into production.
Collaboration with developers, maintenance of dev and testing environments, implementation of orchestration and CI / CD processes.

Create a network of thousands of Linux devices with GPU computing (smart cameras) that is stable and secure. This network of devices will be daily processing terabytes of video and running deep learning edge algorithms.
Scaling an inference cluster with GPUs in the cloud that processes the images we receive from our network of cameras in batch and in real-time.
Support the Data Science team in parallelization of high training loads of neural networks for video.
Define and implement good MLops practices, a nascent field in Machine Learning that may have a greater impact than the algorithms themselves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06-AZXmwHjo

Career path
At Kwali, we believe in the growth of our team and, for that, we have an internal professional career model very similar to the one you will find in references such as Google or Amazon.
Over time, you will be able to grow in different career paths as a specialist or manager, each of them with defined times and objectives to rise to the higher level of seniority.
If you show high potential, you can opt for a faster route, which opens the doors to the highest positions (C-level, VP).
At Kwali, we especially encourage learning, both through collective initiatives (biweekly technical talks) and self-learning (Friday dedicated to researching and learning new technologies related to our AI-based product).

About the organization(s)
Kwali (www.kwali.ai) is the quality control platform for Intelligent restaurants.
Kwali is an alumnus of the renowned accelerator The Alchemist in San Francisco and has just raised $ 2M in his seed round.
Kwali targets the $ 20 billion franchise quality control market.
Currently, Kwali has 88 installed Papa John's stores in the United States and is piloting solutions with distinguished players in the hamburger and coffee sector.
The founders of Kwali, Emmanuel and Juan Pablo, have already created a successful company together, Arara, and are currently Endeavor entrepreneurs.
The team has papers published in the best engineering journals. Tomas Lungenstrass (Ph.D. in mathematics) leads the pure research at the team, and Juan Pablo Morales is a university professor of AI and has two online courses in Platzi ("Machine Learning applied with Python" and "Deep Learning with Pytorch").

Kwali's pizza product. Kwali's pizza product.
Team culture
In our company, you will be working with a team made up of high-level developers and mathematicians.
We are a young team and, in our company, you will find all the comforts of a startup.
The work is 100% remote although, we enable spaces and moments of coexistence to share, listen and get to know each other.
The atmosphere is relaxed and youthful, which makes up for our high workload.
We are very hard-working and we do a job of excellence.

Team structure
Your direct leader will be the CTO and founder, Juan Pablo Morales.
You will work alongside the data scientist team and the development team.
As we progress, we will incorporate more DevOps into the team and, you will position yourself as Lead in your area.

Language(s) required
Spanish - Conversational
English - Conversational
Additional benefits
• Health insurance
• In-person periodic retreats
• Equipment will be provided
Additional compensation
• Bonus will be provided
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